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Student Registration/Enrollment

The following materials are needed to register a new student:


  • Online Verification Document 

Be sure to include the Parent/Guardian in the emergency contact section along with any other adults who are authorized to assist your child in case of an emergency:

Oak Grove Website - Quick links - New Student Enrollment

  • Enrollment Information Forms                    
  1. Special Programs Survey 
  2. Home Language Survey
  3. McKinney Vento Survey
  4. Report of Heath Examination (must be completed by a physician after 2/20/19 and before entering 1st Grade) (only if applicable)
  5. Migrant Student Form (only if applicable)
  6. Military Connected Families Form (only if applicable)
  7. Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form (only if applicable)
  8. Medicine Release Form (only if applicable)


  • Verification of Parent or Guardian’s Identity

A government-issued identification with a photo

  • Original Birth Certificate OR Original Passport
  • Proof of Residence

One - Utility bill (gas, electric or water)

AND One - Rental agreement or Mortgage statement.

Both must show the parent/guardian’s name and address and statements must be current.
BP 5111.1(b)     

  • Immunization Record Card

The yellow immunization card or physician’s record