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Counselor's Corner

Hello and Welcome!

Dear Oak Grove Elementary Parents and Families, 

My name is Minnie Cho Amundson, and I am the School Counselor at Oak Grove Elementary School. I've had the privilege of helping students work through challenges and support their growth in the past 3 years. It's been rewarding to see the progress and achievements in many of our students today. As a CUSD school counselor, I am committed to supporting the growth of every student in the areas of academic, socio-emotional, and college/career. I provide counseling support in the following services: 

  • Short Term Individual Counseling
  • Short Term Group Counseling
  • Check-ins
  • Lunch Bunch
  • In-Class Second Step Counseling Curriculum
  • College/Career lessons
  • Conflict Mediations
  • Recess Support
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Consultations
  • Referrals and Resources

When a student is referred for counseling services, I will follow up with parent/teacher and depending on the services needed for the student, I will send home a Counseling Permission Slip for parents to sign. If the referred student does not need short term counseling services and only need a check-in, permission slips will not be needed. My aim is to work with parents and teacher whose student is receiving counseling support, while also respecting the students' confidentiality. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email.

Importance of Attendance

Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success, both in school and in life. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior, and have a better chance of graduating from high school.


The School Counseling Program strives to provide opportunities so that every student will acquire the social-emotional, academic, and career skills to reach their fullest educational potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.


The mission of Capistrano Unified School District School Counselors is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that supports the whole child. School Counselors will focus on the needs, interests, and issues related to social-emotional, academic, and college/career development of all students through a multi-tiered system of support. School Counselors will advocate, collaborate and facilitate actions that promote a positive school climate, provide an opportunity for all students to access their education and achieve personal and academic success to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Engaged students


The School Counselor believes that ALL students...

  • Are uniquely individual, valuable, and capable of achieving their highest potential.
  • Should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Should feel safe, supported, and encouraged at school. 

The School Counseling Program…

  • Is an integral part of the school program.
  • Equips students with the necessary skills in academic, socio-emotional, and college/career.
  • Is child-centered, developmentally appropriate, and preventative.
  • Is available to all students to assist them with academic, socio-emotional, and college/career counseling needs.
  • Conducts activities that contribute to the development of a positive school climate.

  • Helps students develop a healthy self-concept and an acceptance of individual differences.

  • Fosters a positive relationship between home and school.

  • Is continuously refined and improved through systematic review and evaluation.

The School Counselor…

  • Is an advocate for all students and for the school counseling program.
  • Utilizes data to manage and evaluate the school counseling program to refine and improve counseling services.
  • Works with stakeholders within the district, as well as in the community, to provide a high-quality school counseling program.
  • Provides parents with community resources, links, etc. for help and support.
  • Strives for professional excellence through continued study and participation in professional development.
Second Step Program

Second StepSecond Step Program

Capistrano Unified School District uses the Second Step program for all elementary and middle schools throughout the district. To learn more about SEL (Social Emotional Learning) click HERE. The evidence-based Second Step SEL K-5 curriculum covers 4 main topics:

  • Skills for Learning
  • Empathy
  • Emotional Management
  • Problem Solving

If you would like to reinforce the lessons at home please feel free to access the Second Step Website and use the free Activation Keys for each grade level:

  • Kinder: SSPK FAMI LY70
  • 1st Grade: SSP1 FAMI LY71
  • 2nd Grade: SSP2 FAMI LY72
  • 3rd Grade: SSP3 FAMI LY73
  • 4th Grade: SSP4 FAMI LY74
  • 5th Grade: SSP5 FAMI LY75

Social and Emotional Learning

Meet the School Counselor!

Minni Cho Amundson

University of California, Irvine
B.S Social Ecology 2007

University of La Verne
M.S Educational Counseling, Pupil Personnel Services Credential 2012

CA Board of Behavioral Sciences
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor 2013

Contact Information

Mrs. Minnie Cho Amundson


Phone: 949-360-9001
Fax: 949-360-7372

Days on campus: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday



  • Parent Referrals click HERE
  • Staff Referrals click HERE

Conversations between student and counselor are considered confidential. Unless the student shares that someone is harming them, they are harming themselves, or they are harming someone else.


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Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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