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Enrollment Forms

New Student Registration Forms:
  1. Special Programs Survey 
  2. McKinney Vento Survey
  3. Report of Heath Examination (must be completed by a physician after 2/20/19 and before entering 1st Grade) (only if applicable)
  4. Migrant Student Form (only if applicable)
  5. Military Connected Families Form (only if applicable)
  6. Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form (only if applicable)
  7. Medicine Release Form (only if applicable)
Verification of a new pupil’s age

Effective immediately, the following documents are acceptable documents for verification of the pupil’s age:

  1. An official or certified copy of the birth record;
  2. A statement by the local registrar or county recorder certifying the date of birth;
  3. A baptismal certificate or official hospital record of birth;
  4. A passport; or
  5. When none of the above is obtainable, an Affidavit for Proof of Age of Minor signed by the student’s parent/legal guardian may be accepted. Please note, this is not a District created form, this is an affidavit that would be provided to the District.

The District will not require documentation that may indicate a student’s or parent’s national origin or immigration status, such as a passport, to the exclusion of other permissible documentation.

Copies of the above-listed documentation will be accepted and reviewed for verification purposes only; copies shall not be maintained by the school site after the student’s age has been verified.


Documents Required for New Student Registration:
Student Health Requirements: