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Kinder All Star Training
Posted 1/17/20

All-Star Spring Training for your Kindergartener


Things to do:

  • Read to your child every day
  • Visit the library or bookstore for story time
  • Select books with sentences that repeat
  • Read a book and let them know that reading is fun
  • Keep books everywhere (in your car, in your bag, in your house)
  • Play board games and card games with your child
  • Provide writing supplies (paper, pencils, pencil grips, pens, and envelopes) for your child
  • Learn a nursery rhyme or poem
  • Play games with words that rhyme
  • Use magnetic letters on your refrigerator - write things
  • Utilize environmental print 

When you see a stop sign, talk about what the sign says

Notice the letters on cereal boxes and store fronts

  • Play in the sand and write letters
  • Share alphabet books with your child
  • Have your child draw a picture for you, dictate a story to you - be sure to write down their exact words
  • Let your child see you write (including making and editing mistakes)
  • Celebrate all of your child’s attempts at writing and ask them to read their writing to you
  • Have your child help you measure (in the kitchen, in the garage, etc.)
  • Talk about days of the week: yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Collect leaves, rocks or shells on a nature walk then count and sort them
  • Look for patterns in your house
  • Use educational applications on your smartphone or tablet (letter recognition, number recognition, sight words)

Skills to Practice:

  • Practice writing their name starting with a capital letter and write the rest with lower case letters
  • Have your child practice tying their own shoes
  • Practice putting on and taking off sweaters/jackets
  • Practice opening items their might eat for a snack
  • Practice counting and identifying numbers


Is my child ready for kindergarten?

Ask yourself:

Does my child

  • sit still for 10-15 minutes?
  • follow simple 2 or 3 step directions?
  • stay on task?
  • work individually and in small groups?
  • understand the ideas of sharing and taking turns?
  • cooperate?
  • have confidence to separate from a parent or caregiver and stay with another adult?
  • respect rights and belongings of others?
  • listen when adults speak to them
  • express himself/herself verbally?
  • speak in complete sentences?
  • take care of own toilet needs and wash hands without assistance?
  • write his/her own name?
  • know the correct way to hold a pencil, crayon and scissors? work with these tools comfortably?
  • listen to a story or participate in an activity and respond to questions related to that activity?
  • retain information?
  • have an interest in reading stories, alphabet letters and numbers?
  • count to 10 and understand simple number concepts?
  • finish what he/she starts?
  • label or name things appropriately?
  • answer open-ended questions?
  • ask questions?
  • know how to roll, throw and catch a ball?
  • Know how to run, hop, jump, skip and gallop?
  • name colors?
  • enjoy coloring and drawing?

You are the best judge of your child’s abilities!