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Operation Cooperation Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures
Posted 1/17/20

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Operation Cooperation

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures


Your patience, understanding, and support of “Operation Cooperation” are appreciated. The Oak Grove staff does everything they can to encourage parents to follow the parking lot rules, maximize the flow of traffic and keep everyone safe.  Please know that school parking lots are not designed to handle the number of vehicles that come to campus at the beginning and end of each school day.


The staff knows that your time is precious,

but the safety of every student is our first priority.


Student Drop Off in the Mornings K-5th Grade:

  • Students can be dropped off beginning at 7:20AM. That is when teachers begin morning duty. 
  • Parents are to enter the parking lot by way of the BUS LANE if driving UP Sanborn Street (the main parking lot entrance from this direction is for staff only). 
  • Parents that are driving DOWN Sanborn Street are to enter the parking lot by turning left into the main parking lot entrance.
  • Say your goodbyes before your turn to unload – this will help keep cars moving in line.
  • Please follow the directions of staff members on duty.
  • Pull as far forward along the curb as possible before stopping your vehicle.  There should be very little room between your car and the car in front of you.
  • Students are to exit their vehicle only on the passenger side and in the loading and unloading zone.
  • Parents are to remain inside their cars – do not leave car unattended.
  • Do not pull into staff parking spots to drop off/pick up your child. Children are not to walk across/through the staff parking lot.
  • After your child exits the car, parents are to angle their car to the left and drive into the PASS THROUGH lane and make room for the cars behind them to access the unloading area along the curb.
  • After students exit their car, they will walk through the blue gate and around to the back of the school; students are to find their line and sit quietly until school starts.
  • School starts at 7:45AM.  A student will be tardy if they are not in their classroom seat at7:45AM.

Rainy Day

  • On rainy days, students will go to the Hall of Fame (HoF) when they arrive.



Please do not park illegally (in red zones, handicapped parking spaces, etc.) while on campus. You will be cited by the OC Sheriff’s Department.


Please do not park in staff parking spaces as we have many itinerant staff members who arrive at all times of the day.




Student Pick Up in the Afternoons


Kinder Pick Up  1:55PM (12:40PM on Thursdays)

  • Parents are to line up outside the blue gate along the sidewalk/planter.
  • On rainy days:  Parents are to line up outside their child’s classroom with their plate and ID badge.
  • Students are dismissed one by one from the classroom; the teacher will check parent ID badges.
  • Parents must have site issued ID badge for pick up. 
  • Parents who do not have a Kinder ID badge are required to go to the office and present a valid government issued ID AND be listed on Parent Portal contact list in order for a child to be released to them.                                                                                                                                                   


Grades 1-5:

The Staff Parking Lot is closed until 2:05PM. 

  • Have a sign on your car dashboard with the name of your child and grade level. Please keep this visible until your child gets in your car.
  • Pull as far forward along the curb as possible before stopping your vehicle.  There should be very little room between your car and the car in front of you.
  • Parent cars are to wait on Sanborn Street in a legal parking spot until the dismissal bell rings at 2:05PM
  • Parents will be ticketed by the Sheriff's department if they are blocking the flow of traffic heading down Sanborn street while waiting for the parking lot to open at 2:05 p.m. – please do not queue up in this direction because it will block traffic.
  • Parents are to remain in their vehicles - do not leave vehicles unattended in the parking lot.
  • Do not pull into staff parking spots to drop off/pick up your child.
  • If you park on the street and walk onto campus, please wait for your child in one of the following designated areas in the front of the school:  between the trash building and the carline grass area OR at the lamppost/grass area in front of the kindergarten playground wall (not near the office doors).  
  • If you arrive before 2:05PM, please do NOT go directly to any of the classrooms or the playground area - the campus is closed until 2:05PM.
  • Please follow the directions of staff members on duty.
  • Carline students will wait on the grass for their parent’s car.  Students are to walk to their car as soon as they see it pull up along the loading area curb and/or when their name is called by a staff member.
  • Backpacks must go inside the passenger area of the car, not in the trunk.  If you need to use your trunk space, then you will be directed to a designated loading area away from the carline.


  • Parents are asked to support our efforts to teach children to respect the property of others. Lawns, shrubbery, and trees adjacent to walkways and sidewalks are not to be abused. Students walking to school are encouraged to walk with a friend and to always use crosswalks. 
  • When walking on school property, always stay on the sidewalks.  Parents and other adults are expected to model this safe practice of always using the sidewalks while on campus rather than cutting through the planters, slope, or parking lot which is an unsafe practice.
  • The bus lane and car lane should never be crossed. Our sidewalks go all the way around to the entrance of the school.  Buses and cars are constantly moving, making this area extremely dangerous. Students have been instructed by school personnel to remain on the sidewalk at all times.
  • Students that walk home from school need to go directly home.  Oak Grove and CUSD do not provide supervision at Acorn Park.  

Rainy Day

  • On rainy days, students Grades 1-5 will be dismissed from the Hall of the Fame (HoF).


Rev. 1/17/2020