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All-Star Summer Reading & Math Challenges
Posted 5/20/19

 Oak Grove Elementary School

All-Star Summer Reading & Math Challenges



All students at Oak Grove are encouraged to participate in the All-Star Summer Reading and Math Challenges. 


Reading:  Independent reading develops fluency, vocabulary, and helps develop a love of reading.  Reading books aloud to your child develops comprehension, vocabulary, and becomes a special time for parents and children.  You can help support your child with encouragement, availability to books and other reading materials, and most importantly, modeling reading!   Use next year’s grade level to set your goals.  Younger children who are not yet fluent readers should log down books that are being read to them.  Additionally, students can log their time playing Ticket to Read (please see attached sheet on how to access).


K-1st Grade                  65 days @ 20 minutes per day = 1,300 minutes

            2nd-3rd Grade               65 days @ 30 minutes per day = 1,950 minutes

            4th-5th Grade                65 days @ 45 minutes per day = 2,925 minutes


Students who meet the goals outlined below be able to choose a brand new book and bookmark.  Top readers from each grade will receive Scholastic dollars to spend at the Fall book fair.

Please bring the TOTALED Summer Reading Log to your new teacher during the second full week of school (August 26th-August 30th).


Math:  Students lose approximately two months of the math computational skills they learned during the previous academic year. Before returning to school in August, children should review and be comfortable with math concepts from the grade they just completed. This is why practicing math skills at home is important. 


Khan Academy programing is self-paced, fun, rigorous, common core aligned, and reviews essential concepts. 

  1. Sign up at (or log in if you already have an account) as a new learner. 


  • Students MUST use their last name and initial (This allows us to identify that your child participated).
  • Please do not log on via CLEVER or your child’s CUSD account as this account will not register for the summer math challenge classroom.
  1. Visit (the “Coaches” tab in your profile).
  2. In the “Add a coach” field, enter the class code. Class code: See Below
  3. You’re set. Now click Home to start learning!

All-Star Summer Math Challenge Class Codes

Incoming Kindergarteners: S9RE4U

Incoming 1st Graders: 543FAU

Incoming 2nd Graders: WWUGA9

Incoming 3rd Graders: BU7P3T

Incoming 4th Graders: MG8KR3

Incoming 5th Graders: 9T3JGC    


Awards will be given for participation, earning 75,000+ points, and for top point earners at each grade level.  You can earn points all summer long! Program ends August 21st.


Students will be recognized at the Friday Awards ceremony on 9/13/19.