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All-Star Press Release –May 14, 2019
Posted 5/14/19

All-Star Press Release –May 14, 2019

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From Mrs. OCB

It takes a village:  Fifth Grade Science Camp Committee Meeting –THIS FRIDAY at 8:15.  Oak Grove fifth graders have traditionally spent four days and three nights at science camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. Science curriculum at camp is authentic, rigorous, and hands-on. Additionally, camp is a highlight of a child’s elementary experience and is an important social-emotional milestone. The thought of not giving every student an opportunity to attend is heart-breaking. 

Parent Volunteers from ALL grade levels:  Our school needs parent volunteers from all grade levels to continue this important educational opportunity.  Without a committed group of volunteers to assist with fundraising, this program may not continue. And unfortunately, once we stop attending, it becomes difficult to start the program again.

For next year, camp will cost approximately $425.00 per student.  This includes transportation, tuition, food and lodging, teacher stipends, and a t-shirt.

Why everyone is asked to fundraise: In accordance with Ed Code and CUSD board policy, no student can be denied the opportunity to participate because of being unable to pay.  This means that we must fundraise to support scholarships or all Oak Grove students will not be able to attend camp.  Typically, 12-15% of the cost of camp must be raised to support students that require full or partial scholarships.

Not a huge commitment: This year, the Science Camp Committee meets the first Friday of the month at 8:00 –but the committee is flexible and can decide to change the meeting time to accommodate schedules.  As a committee member, you do not need to reinvent the wheel –the fundraising events include McTeacher’s Night, selling otter pops, supporting the Turkey-Trot-A-Thon, and opportunity drawings.  Even if you cannot attend the meetings, please consider stepping up and helping at one of these events. 

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From the PTA

Upcoming Events:

            *May 13-17                Teacher Appreciation Week (see below for more details)             

*May 15                     PTA Executive Board Meeting (9:00 am Hall of Fame)

*May 17                     Last Day to turn in Box Tops for this school year

*May 21                     Board and Brew Restaurant Night (ALL DAY)            

Teacher / Staff Appreciation Week (May 13-17)

Schedule of Events-

Monday: Favorite Color / Treat Day

     *Students are encouraged to wear their teacher’s favorite color to school

     *Teachers will be receiving a special treat from the PTA 

Tuesday: Coffee Day

     *Teachers and staff be on the lookout for the PTA coffee cart in the morning

Wednesday: Bring Something Earthy / Snack Day

*Students are asked to bring something earthy (fruit, plant, or flower) for their teacher

*PTA will provide teachers and staff with a variety of snacks room service style


Thursday: Luncheon in the Hall of Fame at 1:15pm

*PTA will be providing lunch and prizes for all teachers and staff members 

Friday: Thank You / Smoothie Day

*Students are asked to bring thank you cards to their teachers

*Teachers will receive smoothies at the end of the day

Box Tops

Friday, May 17th is the last day to turn all Box Tops for this school year.  Thank you to everyone who has turned in Box Tops throughout the year. 

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